Navtej Singh Rehal

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Navtej Rehal
Born Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Pop Rock, Bhangra
Occupations Singer
Instruments Vocals

Navtej Singh Rehal popularly known as Naf is the lead singer of the group Bombay Rockers.


Rehal was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Indian parents, and as such, he has his roots in India. He grew up in the multicultural suburb Nørrebro and went through the whole public school system - from nursery to high school in Denmark, except for two years, where he went to school in India and, as he states it: "experienced his own culture".


Rehal has always played music, but more seriously became engaged in it during his gymnasium period. At the age of 13 he began to dance hiphop, funk, breakdance and Indian bhangra (the name of both a music genre and a dance style). He has performed many places with song and dance, especially bhangra, at multi-ethnic culture arrangements around Seeland.


Rehal is a Sikh (people characterised by the special turban), and his parents are from the North-Indian state Punjab. He speaks fluently Punjabi and Danish. He travels to India almost every year and is very fascinated by the Bhangra music, as well as of India´s many folk music styles.

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