Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (United States)

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Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group
Active 1993 - present
Allegiance  United States of America
Branch United States Navy Seal United States Navy
Type Navy Expeditionary Force
Role Rapid response logistics
Size 3,600
Garrison/HQ Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Cheatham Annex
Motto "Anytime, Anywhere"
Rear Admiral Mark J. Belton, SC, USN

The Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) is a reserve command in the United States Navy and part of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC).


Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) is a vital enabler of Maritime Prepositioning Forces (MPF), Joint Logistics Over The Shore (JLOTS) operations, and maritime forces ashore providing expeditionary cargo handling services for surface, air, and terminal operations, tactical fueling, and ordnance handling/reporting in support of worldwide Naval, Joint, interagency, and combined forces/organization.

NAVELSG is responsible for providing expeditionary logistic capabilities for the Navy, primarily within the maritime domain of the littorals, and conducts surface and air cargo handling missions, cargo terminal and warehouse operations, fuels distribution, postal services, customs inspections, ordnance reporting and handling, and expeditionary communications.

NAVELSG is an “Operational Reserve” command organized and staffed to provide a wide range of supply and transportation support critical for peacetime support, crisis response, humanitarian and combat service support missions.

NAVELSG delivers logistics capabilities with active and mobilization-ready Navy Reserve Force Sailors and equipment to theater commanders in support of the military strategy:

• Organizes, trains, equips and deploys active and reserve units for port and air cargo handling missions, ordnance handling and reporting services, and supply support to forces deployed ashore.

• Responds to humanitarian relief efforts and builds allies through humanitarian efforts among host nations.


To most Americans, Williamsburg, Virginia, is known as the Colonial Capital. To the "Combat Stevedores" of the Navy, Williamsburg - or more precisely, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown - Cheatham Annex - is known as the capital of Navy expeditionary logistics.

The lessons learned from Operation Desert Storm identified a requirement for a single, multifunctional organization able to provide flexible, deployable transportation and supply support logistics services in any area of the world. Established in 1993, the Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) was built upon the solid foundation of the Navy Cargo Handling Force (NCHF). The NCHF originated in the 1970s with the establishment of six Reserve Navy Cargo Handling Battalions to support the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Force. The number of battalions grew to 12 in the 1980s.

NCHB-1 in Iraq

Capabilities run the gamut from warehouse and freight terminal management, fuel distribution, tent camp, maintenance and personnel support functions, mail distribution and barbershop, laundry and ship's store to traditional shipboard cargo handling and expeditionary airhead operations. The NAVELSG mission is to provide transportation (cargo handling) and supply Advanced Base Functional Component support to Navy and Marine Corps operational units. NAVELSG is recognized by all major commanders as the force of choice for transportation and supply professionals, trained and equipped to deploy anywhere in the world and provide effective shore-based logistical support to naval operating forces - "Anytime, Anywhere".

NAVELSG, an Echelon IV command directs five Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiments (NELR) (Echelon V) and their subordinate Navy Cargo Handling Battalions (NCHBs) each battalion composed of one Headquarters Company, four Surface Companies, one Air Cargo Company, one Cargo Transfer Company, one Fuels Company and one Expeditionary Support Company. Additionally, each NELR has an Expeditionary Communications Detachment (ECD).

Subordinate Units[edit]

  • First Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment (1ST NELR), Cheatham Annex
    • NCHB 1: The only active duty cargo handling unit, based at Cheatham Annex, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Virginia.
  • Second Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment (2ND NELR), Cheatham Annex
    • NCHB 4: Charleston, SC
    • NCHB 10: Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, VA
    • ECD 2: Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, VA
  • Third Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment (3RD NELR), Fort Dix, NJ
    • NCHB 7: Great Lakes, IL
    • NCHB 8: Fort Dix, NJ
    • ECD 3: NAF Washington DC
  • Fourth Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment (4TH NELR), Jacksonville, FL
    • NCHB 11: Jacksonville, FL
    • NCHB 12: Bessemer, AL
    • NCHB 13: Gulfport, MS
    • ECD 4: Charleston, SC
  • Fifth Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment (5TH NELR), Point Mugu, CA

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