Navy Office (Germany)

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Not to be confused with Reichsmarineamt.
Navy Office
Active 1 October 1956–1 October 2012
Country  Germany
Branch  German Navy
Type High command authority
Size about 4,500
Headquarters Rostock

The Navy Office (German: Marineamt) was a higher command within the German Navy, founded in 1956 and disestablished in 2012. Its original responsibility was training, education and armaments planning for the German Navy. It was situated at Wilhelmshaven until it was relocated to Rostock after German reunification in 1990. In 2001 it was merged with the former Navy Support Command. Since then its responsibilities also included naval logistics.

The Marineamt was commanded by a Rear Admiral directly subordinate to the Chief of the Naval Staff in the Ministry of Defence. It was the superior command for all naval schools and bases as well as of some research and development institutions.

In 2012, the Marineamt was combined with the Naval Staff in the Ministry of Defence in Bonn and Fleet Command in Glücksburg to form Navy Command (Marinekommando), located in Rostock.[1]

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