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Author Binod Bihari Verma
Cover artist Varuna Verma
Country India
Language Maithili
Genre Novel,
Publisher Binod Bihari Verma
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 108 pp
ISBN 978-81-905911-3-3
Preceded by Tapasa vai Ganga Biography of Prof Radha Krishna Choudhary
Followed by Adim Purkha Translation of oriya novelist Gopinath Mohanty's work "Dadi Burha"(2001)

Nayanmani ( literally, Jewel of the Eye) is a social novel by Dr Binod Bihari Verma in Maithili. It was published in serial parts in the maithili literary magazine, Mithila Mihir, from February 1968 to April 1968. Subsequently, it was published in compiled into novel format in 1997.


It is a social novel which describes the situation of Mithila in the decade after Indian independence. It depicts the superstitious beliefs of the people, folk culture, and human values in the background of a natural calamity.

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