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Naziba, was a small 'city', or 'city-state' south of Dimašqu-(Damascus), in the 1350-1335 BC Amarna letters correspondence. The town of Naziba was located near Amarna letters Qanu, now named Qanawat, and biblical Kenath.

Naziba, is part of a 6-letter series of letters, written by the same scribe, all entitled: "Ready for marching orders (1-6)". The letters are mostly identical, with only the city's Ruler and the location changing; they are letters EA 201-EA 206, (EA for 'el Amarna').

EA 206, for the "ruler of Naziba"[edit]

"Say to the king, my lord: Message of the ruler of Naziba, your servant. I fall at the feet of the king, my lord, 7 times plus 7 times. You hav[e wr]it[ten] to make preparations before the arrival of the archers, and I am herewith, along with my troops and my chariots, at the disposition of the archers." -EA 206, lines 1-17 (complete)

List of the 6-letter series[edit]

  1. EA 201-marching orders (1)—for Artamanya of Siribašani
  2. EA 202-marching orders (2)—for Amawaše of Bašan(?)
  3. EA 203-marching orders (3)—for 'Abdi-Milki of Šashimi
  4. EA 204-marching orders (4)—for the 'ruler' of Qanu, called Qanawat
  5. EA 205-marching orders (5)—for the 'ruler' of Tubu (town)
  6. EA 206-marching orders (6)—for the 'ruler' of Naziba
  7. Additional by scribe: EA 195—title: "Waiting for the Pharaoh's words"–by Biryawaza of Dimašqu-Damascus

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