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Nbtstat is a diagnostic tool for NetBIOS over TCP/IP. It is included in several versions of Microsoft Windows. Its primary design is to help troubleshoot NetBIOS name resolution problems.[1]

There are several commands involved with Nbtstat that allows several options such as: local cache lookup, WINS server query, broadcast, LMHOSTS lookup, Hosts lookup, and it is not for DNS server query.

Nbtstat Syntax: nbtstat [-a RemoteName] [-A IPAddress] [-c] [-n] [-r] [-R] [-RR] [-s] [-S] [Interval]

Common parameters are:[3]
nbtstat -c: displays the contents of the NetBIOS name cache, the table of NetBIOS names and their resolved IP addresses.
nbtstat -n: displays the names that have been registered locally on the system.
nbtstat -r: displays the count of all NetBIOS names resolved by broadcast and querying a WINS server.
nbtstat -R: purges and reloads the remote cache name table.
nbtstat -RR: sends name release packets to WINs and then starts Refresh.
nbtstat -s: lists the current NetBIOS sessions and their status, including statistics.
nbtstat -S: lists sessions table with the destination IP addresses.