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Nextprot logo.png
Description neXtProt: exploring the universe of human proteins
Data types captured Protein annotation
Organisms Human
Research center Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Laboratory CALIPHO
Web Search, BLAST
License Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs
Versioning Yes
Data release frequency Data: once a month
Curation policy Yes - manual and automatic
Bookmarkable entities Yes - individual protein entries views and searches

neXtProt is an on-line knowledge platform on human proteins. It strives to be a comprehensive resource that provides a variety of types of information on human proteins, such as their function, subcellular location, expression, interactions and role in diseases. Currently, the major part of the information in neXtProt [1] is obtained from the UniProt Swiss-Prot database but is gradually being complemented by data originating from high-throughput studies with an emphasis on proteomics. It is developed by the CALIPHO group[2] directed by Amos Bairoch and Lydie Lane of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB).


  1. ^ Lane Lydie (2012). "neXtProt: a knowledge platform for human proteins". Nucleic Acids Research 40 (Database issue): D76–D83. doi:10.1093/nar/gkr1179. PMC 3245017. PMID 22139911. 
  2. ^ CALIPHO group, on the web site of the SIB

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