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Neapoli Indoor Hall
Location Larissa, Greece
Coordinates 39°36′47″N 22°23′55″E / 39.61309°N 22.39848°E / 39.61309; 22.39848Coordinates: 39°36′47″N 22°23′55″E / 39.61309°N 22.39848°E / 39.61309; 22.39848
Opened 1995
Owner E.A.K. Larissas
Operator General Secretariat of Sports
Surface Parquet
Capacity 6,500[1]
G.S. Olympia

Neapoli Indoor Hall is an indoor sporting arena that is used for basketball and volleyball that is located in the city of Larissa, Greece, in the district of Neapolis. The seating capacity of the arena is 6,500 seats. The arena was home to the local basketball team G.S. Olympia, which competed in the top Greek League, and the volleyball team E.A. Larissa (E.A.L).

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