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Near North Montessori School, founded in 1963,[1] in Chicago, Illinois, is a private Montessori school, based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.[2] N. They are a non-profit school with approximate enrollment of 550 students from 2 years (pre-school) through 8th grade. The current executive director is Audrey Perrot. The curriculum structure begins at the toddler (2 years old) age. Each class consists of approximately 30 children. The classes are structured so that each child will spend 3 years in each class, except in the 12-14 level, which has 2 years per class. the class age groups are as follows; 3-6 (pre-k through kindergarten), 6-9 (1st grade through 3rd grade), 9-12 (4th grade through 6th grade) and 12-14 (7th and 8th grade). A major way in which Montessori schools differ from traditional schools is that the children do not receive grades until 7th grade (12-14). The children are also provided the opportunity to learn at different rates than the other children and can focus on different parts of the curriculum.[3]

Notable Alumni[edit]

Nell Wood-Prince


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