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Neas Energy (NEAS) is an independent energy trading and management company. The company deals in electricity, natural gas and carbon emissions in the European energy markets. The company specializes in trading and production management of renewable energy generation wind power, solar and hydro power) operating on market terms. The company is based in Denmark but operates on most European energy markets. NEAS has a portfolio of 2,500 MW installed capacity renewable generation, 1,250 MW installed capacity in CHP and an annual consumption of 2,6 TWh under management. The company also deal in Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and standard certificates (RECS, ROCS, VERs etc.)specifying origination of renewable generation and carbon emission reductions. NEAS supports the UN Global Compact.


Neas Energy [1] was established in 1998 by four Danish energy supply companies; Aalborg Municipality’s Electricity Supply Company: AKE Net, Nyfors Entreprise A/S, Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S and Thy-Mors Energi Holding A/S. The company has since established an organization with expert capabilities in trading, risk management and market management for both producers and consumers of energy, and engages in Energy Trading, Energy Production Management and Portfolio Management.

Neas Energy was sold April 15, 2011 to an investor group comprising:

  • SEBC Holding ApS (privately held Investment Company)
  • Dreisler Invest A/S (privately held Investment Company)
  • Executives at Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

The group parent company Neas Holding owns 100% of the shares in NEAS. Neas Energy also has an assosiated company, NE Climate A/S, which is wholly owned by Neas Holding A/S.[2]

Due to its growing international activities, the company changed name to "Neas Energy A/S"[3]

Business areas[edit]

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Eigild B. Christensen, Chairman
  • Michael Dreisler, Vice Chairman
  • Susanne Dreisler, Member
  • Ulrik H. Christensen, Member
  • Bo Lynge Rydahl, Member


  • Bo Lynge Rydahl, CEO
  • Erik Christensen, CFO
  • Bjorn Skovhus, EVP
  • Anders Bauditz, EVP


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