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Nebraska City High School
Nebraska City Pioneers Logo.gif
141 Steinhart Park Rd.
Nebraska City, Nebraska, Otoe County, Nebraska, 68410
United States
Coordinates 40°40′42″N 95°52′45″W / 40.67833°N 95.87917°W / 40.67833; -95.87917Coordinates: 40°40′42″N 95°52′45″W / 40.67833°N 95.87917°W / 40.67833; -95.87917
Type Public
Principal Brian Hoover
Vice principal Matthew Koehler
Number of students 445
Color(s)          Purple and gold
Song The Purple and the Gold
Athletics conference Eastern Midlands Conference
Sports Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball, Wrestling
Mascot Pioneer Pete
Team name Pioneers
School day 8:00 – 3:40
Athletic Director Matthew Koehler

Nebraska City High School (NCHS, formerly NCSH) is the public secondary school in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It contains grades 9th through 12th. The athletic teams of all Nebraska City Public Schools are named the Pioneers. NCHS is located at 141 Steinhart Park Road in Nebraska City.


The first graduating class of NCHS graduated in 1880, the first graduate being Cornelia Kimmel. The current building was not the first high school in Nebraska City though. Its predecessor was the first in Nebraska. Partially for this and other reasons such as being the Home of Arbor Day and being the oldest town in the state, the athletic team's name (then the 'Golden Avalanches' or, unofficially, the 'Purples') was changed to the Pioneers in December 1938. The school's newspaper has since the early 1900s been referred to as the Otoean, deriving its name from its home - Otoe County, Nebraska. Many other changes were done to the school in the '30s and '40s, including the first dances, first library, first mirrors, and first yearbooks. It may also be noted that during this time Nebraska City regularly competed in the International Soap Box Derbies, including a World Championship at the fourth annual. Along with this, in 1921, the NCSH Golden Avalanches had won the State Basketball Championship.[1]


The original School was built in 1865 on 6th street and between 4th and 5th Corsos. It was the first public high school between the Missouri River and California. The second building was constructed in 1874 between 9th and 10th Streets on 1st Corso. Later the Sixth Street Elementary occupied the original building until its destruction in 1916.

In 1911 a third high school was built on the same block as the second. This third complex was known as the "Gray Buildings" and was East of the prior building. The second school was demoished and replaced with the Morton James Public Library. At this point NCSH contained grades 9-12. In 1928 a Junior High was built across 9th street. This Junior High contained grades 7-9. In 1945 the schools switched buildings. This change was to accommodate the growing size of the student population. Along with this came a "Hot Lunch" program along with choir and band rooms.

The current site at 141 Steinhart Park Road was selected for a new building for an even larger student population. This building was completed in 1965. The Junior High moved back to the its original building and the "Gray Buildings" complex was replaced by a Safeway store. This was then destroyed for a new Middle School next to the Library, and 9th street between 1st and 2nd Corsos was replaced with a recreation field for the Middle School.[2]


The current building was built in 1965, replacing the prior schools in the downtown area. Since its construction, the building has had a similar design to what it is now - a brick building with the gym at one end, auditorium and cafeteria in the center, with classrooms in the north, rounded part of the building. The following expansions in the 1979 expanded on this north section - adding what are now the outer classrooms, the library and the athletic complexes. From 2008-2011, the school underwent a major renovation with the addition of a second gym, turf field, new cafeteria, new fine arts rooms, new woods and metals shop, and new offices.


The official team name is the Nebraska City Pioneers with the mascot of Pioneer Pete. The school and athletic colors are purple and gold. The Pioneers compete in 17 varsity sports in the Eastern Midlands Conference with the Bennington Badgers, Blair Bears, Elkhorn Antlers, Elkhorn South Storm, Gretna Dragons, Norris Titans, Plattsmouth Blue Devils, and Waverly Vikings.

Pioneer Palace[edit]

Up until the last expansion, the Pioneers competed in the Pioneer Palace. The Palace, like many gyms in old Nebraska Schools, has unique characteristics. There are multiple differences to most other gyms, specifically the size, cramped conditions, sparse, mellow lighting, and high number of random "dead spots" in the floor. Speculation has arisen that a home field advantage aided Pioneer basketball teams through their years in the Palace. With the construction in the 2000s, a new gym was built, the old one remaining as a backup called the Gold Gym and the new one being the Purple Gym. The new gym has bright lighting, is longer, has direct access to the band room, has new locker rooms for girls, and bleachers that are purple and gold with 'NCHS' on the side.

Pioneer Field[edit]

The Pioneer Field and Track is the competing grounds for Pioneers Football, Pioneers Track, and Pioneer Soccer. From at least 1911 until 1978, the Pioneer Field was a large structure on the terraces between 1st and 4th Corsos and between 14th and 15th Streets. In 1978, an elementary school was built to replace the 6th Street and 14th Street Building, now Hayward Elementary. In the 1978 season, the Pioneers competed at the Peru State College campus. By 1979, the current stadium was completed. This was then refurbished in 2011 with Field Turf and a new track surface.


From at least 1918, the Nebraska City High School's colors have been various shades of Purple and Gold. The school song - "The Purple and the Gold" was written sometime between 1908 and 1918 and the main lyrics have remained relatively unchanged. Around this time until 1938, the teams were officially named the Golden Avalanches, and from 1938 onward they have been named the Pioneers.

State Results[edit]

Year Award Scope Recipient Notes
1915 Track and Field, Boys Mile All Classes Nelson, ___
1916 Track and Field, Boys Mile All Classes Nelson, ___
1919 Basketball (Boys) Runner-Up Class D Team
1921 Basketball (Boys) Champion Class B Team
1946 Track and Field, Boys Mile All Classes Marvin Zimmerman
1948 Track and Field, Boys Mile All Classes Marvin Zimmerman
1955 Track and Field, Boys 200 All Classes George Peterson
1956 Track and Field, Boys 100 All Classes George Peterson Still the stand-alone school record.
1956 Track and Field, Boys 200 All Classes George Peterson First Pioneer to medal in two events.
1960 Golf, Boys Champion Class A Ed Romjue
1968 Wrestling, Heavyweight Champion Class B Jack Hobbie First of several Pioneer Wrestling titles.
1969 Wrestling, Heavyweight Champion Class B Jack Hobbie
1979 Track and Field, Girls Mile Relay All Classes Porter, Hermann, Nienkamp, Soriano Last year for event.
1980 Track and Field, Boys Long Jump All Classes Bret Clark
1985 Track and Field, Boys 3200-Meter All Classes Harold Graham State Champion Team
1985 Track and Field Champions Class B Team First team title since 1921.
1987 Wrestling, 138 lb Champion Class B Brad Smith
1988 Wrestling, 189 lb Champion Class B Brian Duran
1989 Wrestling, 189 lb Champion Class B Brian Duran
1989 Wrestling Tournament Third Place Class B Team
1991 Golf, Boys Champion Class B Jason Schoo
1992 Wrestling, 135 lb Champion Class B John Tharp
1994 Track and Field, Boys Long Jump All Classes Troy Crook
1996 Wrestling, 130 lb Champion Class B Shane Allgood
1999 Track and Field, Girls Discus All Classes Emily Duran
2000 Track and Field, Girls Discus All Classes Emily Duran Set Class B state meet record, 165-0, same year.
2000 Track and Field, Girls Shot Put All Classes Emily Duran Second Pioneer to medal in two events.
2001 Wrestling, 189 lb Champion Class B Jason Stoll
2008 Golf Runner-Up Class B Team Team included two top-ten finishers.
2013 Wrestling Duals Runner-Up Class B Team Inaugural Duals Tournament. Ended sixth in regular tourney.
2014 Wrestling Duals Fourth Place Class B Team Ended seventh in regular tourney.

Note: All track entries are for gold medalists only.

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