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Born Nebty-tepites
Resting place
Other names Nebtytepites
Title Princess of Egypt
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
Parents Prince Horbaef and Queen Meresankh II
Relatives Pharaoh Khufu and Queen Meritites I (grandparents)

Princess Nefertkau III (sister)

Prince Djaty (brother)
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Nebty-tepites (nebty = "Two Ladies") was a Princess of Ancient Egypt. She is mentioned in the tomb of her mother, Meresankh II.[1]


Nebty-tepites was a daughter of Prince Horbaef and his half-sister Meresankh II. She had a sister Nefertkau III and a brother Djaty. After Horbaef's death, Meresankh married one Pharaoh, either Djedefra or Khafra and she became a Queen. So, Nebty-tepites was a niece and step-daughter of her mother's second husband.[2]


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