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Nederbeat (also: Nederbiet) is the Dutch rock music influenced by the early 1960s Beat groups led by The Beatles.

Also the emergence of pirate station Radio Veronica stimulated the Dutch music community to produce truckloads of 'Nederbeat'. The Hague was the country's beat capital, along with neighbouring coastal town Scheveningen. The clubs on its boulevard, from where Veronica's pirate ship was constantly visible, proved instrumental as a breeding place for Dutch talent.

Popular groups were The Outsiders, Q65, The Golden Earrings (the predecessor of Golden Earring), The Motions (with Robbie van Leeuwen who would later form The Shocking Blue), Ro-d-ys, Bumble Bees, The Shoes (Dutch band), Les Baroques, The Hunters (Jan Akkerman's first band), and Cuby & the Blizzards.

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