Netherlands Antillean Football Union

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Netherlands Antillean Football Union
Association crest
Founded 1921
FIFA affiliation 1932
CONCACAF affiliation 1961[1]
President Rignaal Francisca

The Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Unie (NAVU) was the governing body of football in the former Netherlands Antilles that consisted of the islands of Curaçao, Bonaire and (until 1986) Aruba.[2] In 2010, after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles its legal successor became the Curaçao Football Federation. Bonaire though is currently only CONCACAF-member, but not a FIFA member.

The NAVU controlled the Netherlands Antilles national football team which played games from 23 July 1934, a 3 - 1 win as Curaçao against Dutch Guiana, to its last game on 31 October 2010, a 2 - 2 draw against Suriname.


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