Mjøndalen Arena

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Mjøndalen Arena
Mjøndalen stadion IMG 6949.jpg
Former names Nedre Eiker Stadion
Location Mjøndalen, Nedre Eiker, Norway
Coordinates 59°44′49″N 10°00′53″E / 59.746949°N 10.014616°E / 59.746949; 10.014616Coordinates: 59°44′49″N 10°00′53″E / 59.746949°N 10.014616°E / 59.746949; 10.014616
Capacity 2,500
Record attendance 15,300
Surface Artificial turf
Built 1950
Renovated 1958 (new grass)
1985 (new seates)
1992 (new wardrobe)
Expanded 1968
Mjøndalen IF (football)

Mjøndalen Arena, until 2012 known as Nedre Eiker Stadion, is a football stadium located at Mjøndalen in Nedre Eiker, Norway. It is the home ground of Mjøndalen IF in the First Division, providing a capacity for 2,100 spectators. The venue was completely renovated in 2011 and 2012 and received artificial turf.

During the team's golden age from the late 1960s through the 1980s, the stadium hosted UEFA Cup and UEFA Cup Winners' Cup games.[1]


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