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Neera Tanden in 2014

Neera Tanden (born 1970) is the President of Center for American Progress,[1] a role she assumed in November 2011.

Personal life[edit]

Neera was born in 1970 in Bedford, Massachusetts to immigrant parents from India. She appears frequently on CNN.[citation needed] Neera is married to Ben Edwards, an artist she met while working on the Michael Dukakis campaign.


Neera Tanden graduated from UCLA in 1992 and received her degree from Yale Law School in 1996.


After graduating from Yale Law School, Tanden has worked on domestic policy both on Capitol Hill and in think tanks. She helped the 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign shape its policy proposals, and worked on President Bill Clinton's for new energy policies, health-care reforms, as well as her plan to end the Iraq War.[2] She was the domestic policy director for Barack Obama's campaign. She has also written on Indian-American affairs.[3]

On March 26, 2014, Elle Magazine honored Tanden at the Italian Embassy in the United States during its annual “Women in Washington Power List.”[1]


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