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Negative Trend was an early San Francisco punk rock band, active from 1977–1979. Before they disbanded, the band released one self-titled EP in September 1978.[1]

The former members of Negative Trend would go on to start a number of other notable western US punk bands. Soon after the breakup of Negative Trend, bassist Will Shatter and early drummer Steve DePace went on to be founding members of Flipper, while guitarist Craig Gray and drummer Tim Mooney were among the founding members of the Toiling Midgets. Former vocalists Rozz Rezabek and Rik L. Rik went on to become notable punk singers in their own right.


The band was originally managed (like the later Flipper) by Debbie "Dub". She funded? and produced the original 7" EP under the label "Heavy Manners"


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