Neighborhoods in Providence, Rhode Island

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Providence neighborhoods with major highways shown
The Providence Skyline viewed from College Hill

The city of Providence, Rhode Island has 25 official neighborhoods.[1]

Many of these neighborhoods are often grouped together referred to collectively:

  • East Side - region of Blackstone, Hope (aka Summit), Mount Hope, College Hill, Wayland, and Fox Point.[2]
  • North End - sometimes given collectively to the neighborhoods of Charles and Wanshuck.[3]
  • South Side or South Providence - region consisting of the neighborhoods of Elmwood, Lower South Providence, Upper South Providence, and West End.[3]
  • West Broadway - an area of Federal Hill and West End along the western portion of Westminster Street.[5][6]

The oldest, highest density neighborhoods are either those close to downtown or proximate to the Woonasquatucket River, which provided a power source for early industrialization in Manton, Hartford, and Olneyville. More distant neighborhoods developed later, mostly as transportation as public horse car and streetcar lines were added.