Neil Sedaka: Italiano

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Compilation album by Neil Sedaka
Released 1964
Genre Pop
Label RCA Victor
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Neil Sedaka: Italiano, Volume 2

Neil Sedaka: Italiano is a 1964 compilation album containing twelve of Neil Sedaka's Italian-language recordings. It was released in Italy by RCA Victor's Italiana studios. Of the twelve songs on the album, six were recorded by Sedaka in English. A seventh song on the album, "A 16 Anni Tu Vuoi Amare", is an Italian-language version of Andrea Carroll's 1963 hit, "It Hurts To Be Sixteen".

Track Listing[edit]

N.B. Where songs have English-language equivalents, they are noted in italics.

  • Lato 1 (Side 1)
    • (1) "I Tuoi Capricci" ("Look Inside Your Heart")
    • (2) "Quando Sorridi Cosi"
    • (3) "La Terza Luna" ("Waiting For Never")
    • (4) "Adesso No"
    • (5) "Finche Vivro" ("As Long As I Live")
    • (6) "Il Cielo Ti Ha Creata Per Me"

Singles Releases[edit]

Eight of the songs on this album saw 45 rpm singles releases prior to being compiled together for this album.

  • 1962: "Tu Non Lo Sai" b/w "Finche Vivro"
  • 1963: "La Terza Luna" b/w "Il Re Dei Pagliacci"
  • 1963: "I Tuoi Capricci" b/w "Non Cercare Un'Altra Bocca"
  • 1963: "Adesso No" b/w "Quando Sorridi Cosi"