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Neill-Wycik Co-operative College, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a student residence with over 700 rooms, accommodating students of many of the colleges and universities in the city.[1] In the summer months, when only about 350 students are staying at Neill-Wycik, it also serves visitors as a low-cost hotel, serving upwards of 24,000 guests per summer.[2] Neill-Wycik is a co-op, which means that the residents/members are also considered owners. Members are given opportunities to make decisions, vote on by-laws and to set the policies of the co-op.[3]


In 1966, Kathy Whalen and a small group of Ryerson students developed an initiative to create Neill-Wycik. The then Ryerson Polytechnic Institute offered the group its property on 96 Gerrard Street that was scheduled to be demolished. The group then secured approval for a $5.4 million mortgage from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and used that money to construct the building.[4] Such loans had only recently been made possible by an amendment to Canada's National Housing Act which enabled student housing co-operatives to get financing from CMHC.[5] On August 15, 1970, Neill-Wycik opened its doors to students.[3] The building was named after three persons: Wycik was the last name of Aurilee and Raymond Wycik, who ran a small cafeteria in Ryerson University's Kerr Hall and Neill was A.S. Neill, the Principal of Summerhill, one of the most successful English free schools.[6]

Neill-Wycik commenced the building of an expansion in December 1986. The Marten's Wing, or McGill Wing, so named for the street it abuts, opened in January 1988.[4]

Present operations[edit]

Neill-Wycik is one of five members of the Ontario Student Co-operative Association (OSCA), as well as being a member of the Ontario Co-operative Association (OnCo-op).[7]

In 2006, Neill-Wycik was presented the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada's Jim MacDonald Award for Social Change for instituting its Member Contribution Program.[8] This program, which involves members of the co-op doing 2 hours of volunteer work each month to contribute to functioning and social life of the co-op, was implemented around 1995.[9]

Neill-Wycik staff members unionized as part of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1281, circa 1995.[10]


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