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Birthhouse of Antonín Dvořák

Nelahozeves is a village on left bank of the Vltava river, 25 km north of Prague, Czech Republic. Population is 1,375 (2001)

The oldest surviving written document of Nelahozeves' existence dates back to 1352. The village has a three-winged Renaissance château of Italian castello type with arcades in the yard. It was built in the 16th century by Florián Griespech of Griespach. Since 1623 it has been owned by the Lobkowicz family.

A part of the Lobkowicz collection of paintings is stored in the castle.

The composer Antonín Dvořák was born in Nelahozeves.

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Coordinates: 50°16′N 14°18′E / 50.267°N 14.300°E / 50.267; 14.300