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Nelly (born 1974) is an American rapper, singer, actor and entrepreneur.

Nelly or Nellie may also refer to:


  • Nelly (born 1974), an American rapper,singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor and actor
  • Nelly (given name), a female given name
  • Nelly (Egyptian entertainer), Egyptian singer, actress and radio and television personality and presenter Nelly Artin Kalfayan born in 1949
  • Nelly's (1899–1998), Greek photographer (real name Elli Souyioultzoglou-Seraïdari)
  • "Nellie", Don Nelson, American professional basketball coach nicknamed "Nellie"

First name[edit]

  • Nellie Bly, the pen name of American journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochrane.
  • Nelly Furtado, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.


  • Harry Nelly, head coach of the Army college football program from 1908 to 1910



Other uses[edit]

  • Nelly, one of the nicknames for the Giant Petrel, a large seabird of the sub-Antarctic regions.
  • Nelly (film), a 2004 French film
  • "Nelly" or "swish (slang)", a derogatory term for effeminate behaviour and interests in gay male communities
  • "Nellie", a prototype of Cultivator No. 6, a massive tank that could dig itself into the ground