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Edward Nelson Cole (born Charlotte, North Carolina, March 29, 1937) is a former Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly. A resident of Reidsville, North Carolina, he represented the state's sixty-fifth House district, which includes constituents in Rockingham County, for eight terms.

A graduate of the University of South Carolina (1962),[1] Cole worked as a manager for Ford Motor Company until becoming an auto dealer in 1980. Cole has been active on transportation-related issues, sponsoring a bicycle safety law and being a member of several national transportation groups - the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Council[2] and the National Conference of State Legislatures standing committee on transportation.[3] As of the 2009-2010 session, he was the co-chairman of the legislature's Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee.[4]

Cole was defeated for re-election to his House seat by conservative independent candidate Bert Jones on November 2, 2010.[5] In the 2012 election, Cole is running to attempt a comeback and return to his former seat.[6]