Nelson Mandela Park

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Not to be confused with Nelson Mandela Square.
Nelson Mandela Park
Nelson Mandela Park.jpg
A sign denoting the entrance to the park.
Type Urban park
Location Leicester, United Kingdom
Coordinates 52°37′33″N 1°07′52″W / 52.6258°N 1.1312°W / 52.6258; -1.1312Coordinates: 52°37′33″N 1°07′52″W / 52.6258°N 1.1312°W / 52.6258; -1.1312
Created 6 August 1986
Operated by Leicester City Council
Status Open
One of the entrances to the park, showing a quote from Nelson Mandela. There are a few different versions of this sign in the park.

The Nelson Mandela Park is a public park in Leicester, England. It is situated just inside the city centre near Leicester Prison and the Leicester Tigers' Stadium. The park was named to celebrate Nelson Mandela.

The park's facilities include a small children's play area, flood-lighting, and public toilets. Various sports clubs use this green for practice meetings. Leicester Tigers Rugby Club were a user of this area before the club went fully professional.[citation needed]

On Friday 1 August 2007, the local council held "Nelson Mandela Sports Festival", as a celebration of 21 years of the park having held the name. Important people of the community were present including Councillor Gary Hunt, the Mayor of Leicester. At the event, 21 trees were planted to mark the 21 years of the park and the 21 wards of Leicester. The event was filmed so it could be given to Nelson Mandela himself to watch.[1]


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