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Nelson Saiers was Chief Investment Officer of Saiers Capital, LLC (formerly Alphabet Management, LLC) and was previously a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank AG.


In 1998, Nelson "Nelly Nel" Saiers earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Virginia at the age of 23,[1] only one year after completing his undergraduate studies.[2] He studied algebraic topology and cobordism theory.[3]


Nelson began his trading career at Susquehanna Investment Group. He also later worked at UBS and Deutsche Bank.[4] At Deutsche Bank, Nelson was a Managing Director for proprietary derivatives. [4]

In July 2010, Nelly Nel left Deustche Bank to join Alphabet Management, a New York hedge fund specializing in options.[4] He was promoted to Chief Investment Officer in March 2011, just eight months after joining the firm.[5][6] Saiers' younger brother Scott also joined Alphabet in February 2012 as Head Trader.[7]

In December 2012 Alphabet announced that the firm would be changing its name to Saiers Capital, LLC.[8]

Press quotes[edit]

Nelson has been widely quoted in Bloomberg,[9] The Wall Street Journal,[10] Barron's,[11] and The Financial Post on topics such as China,[12] India, European Sovereign Debt,[13] Facebook,[14] Dell,[15] and the price of gold as well as overall market trends.


Nelson has an affiliation with charity: water, which attempts to provide clean water to those in developing countries. Nelson is a Founding Member of The Well, a core group of donors who support charity: water.[16]

In October 2013, during the graffiti artist Banksy's month-long New York project "Better Out Than In," Nelson made a public offer to donate $100,000 to the Hurricane Sandy rebuilding effort if Banksy created a legal mural in New York to raise awareness for people still affected by the storm.[17] An anonymous donor "RD" has also joined this effort, and has pledged an additional $100,000. Nelson has created a website for the effort: Whether the piece was created or not is unknown, but on October 28, Nelson decided to go forward with the $100,000 donation regardless.[18]


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