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Nemesis is an English draughts program by Murray Cash. Today Nemesis is no longer commercially available and developing has stopped years ago.

Nemesis was the strongest program in 2002, when it won the British computer championship against Wyllie, an 16-game match ending +5=11 in favor for Nemesis and the Computer Checkers World Championship played out in Las Vegas.

The World Championship was a tournament featuring Nemesis, Cake and KingsRow. After 72 games, each program played each other 24 times, the final standings were:

  1. Nemesis 24.5 points (+1=47-0, 1 win against Cake)
  2. KingsRow 24 points (+1=46-1, win and loss against Cake)
  3. Cake 23.5 Points (+1=45-2, win against KingsRow, loss against Nemesis and Kingsrow)

Nemesis used an own 8-piece endgame tablebase.

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