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Nemetona is a Goddess of ancient Celtic religion worshiped in eastern Gaul. She is thought to have been the eponymous deity of the Germano-Celtic people known as the Nemetes; evidence of her veneration is found throughout their former territory in and around what is now Trier, Germany.[1] She is also attested in Bath, England, where an altar to her was dedicated by a man of the Gallic Treveri people.[1] Her name is derived from the Celtic root nemeto-, referring to sacred areas, and is related to nemeton, a term designating Gaulish religious spaces.[1]

Surviving inscriptions often associate Nemetona with Mars. She is paired with "Loucetios Mars" in the inscription at Bath, and with Mars at Trier and Altrip.[1] Individual inscriptions to Nemetona and Loucetios have been recovered from the same site in Klein-Winternheim.[2] The Altrip site was further notable for yielding a terra cotta depiction of the Goddess.[1]


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