Nemo Peak

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For a mountain in Antarctica, see Nemo Peak (Antarctica).
Nemo Peak
Onekotan Island, with Nemo Peak at top (north) and Tao-Rusyr Caldera at bottom.
Elevation 1,018 m (3,340 ft)
Location Onekotan, Kuril Islands, Russia
Coordinates 49°34′12″N 154°48′29″E / 49.57°N 154.808°E / 49.57; 154.808
Type Stratovolcano / Caldera
Last eruption August 1938

Nemo Peak (Russian: Пик Немо) is a stratovolcano located at the northern end of Onekotan Island, Kuril Islands, Russia. It is truncated by two nested calderas, with the cone of Nemo Peak itself rising in the southwest end of the youngest caldera and a crescent-shaped crater lake partially filling the northeast part.

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