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Nenad Bach

Nenad N. Bach is a recording artist, composer, performer, producer and peace activist.

He formed the European chart-topping rock band Vrijeme i Zemlja. His USA single, “Can We Go Higher?” was performed at Woodstock '94, is on the album Pavarotti & Friends Together for the Children of Bosnia, and is featured on his album “A Thousand Years Of Peace”. He has also scored many features and short films, including “King of Cool,” the biopic about the life of Steve McQueen which premiered on American Movie Classics (AMC). Nenad has performed with a wide range of artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Bono & The Edge (U2), Brian Eno, Garth Hudson & Rick Danko (The Band), Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead), John Malkovich, Ellen Burstyn, Martin Sheen, Michael York, and many more. To date he has sold over one million records.


Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Nenad graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Rijeka. He was classically trained in violin and flute, and is self-taught at guitar. His band Vrijeme i Zemlja was formed while he was in college and had two Number 1 albums in Europe ("Vrijeme i Zemlja I" in 1980 and "Greatest Hits" in 1988).[1]

Nenad moved to New York in the 1984, and recorded his first US album, “Greatest Hits” in 1987. The music video of the song "You Need A Love," directed by Webster Lewin, from "Greatest Hits" was played on MTV in the United States.[2]

The song "Can We Go Higher?" was written as a call for peace during the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was released by Sony/Rockworld in 1992. Nenad performed "Can We Go Higher?" at Woodstock '94 in the United States [3] [4] and in Modena, Italy at the 1995 concert "Pavarotti and Friends" and appears on the album "Pavarotti and Friends - Together for the Children of Bosnia" (1996).[5] The song is featured on Nenad's album "I Love Losers" (1998), which was re-released as "A Thousand Years of Peace" in 2002. The album, engineered by John Holbrook, features guest artists Garth Hudson (The Band), Vince Welnick [6] (Grateful Dead), Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), David Amram, Michael York, Martin Sheen and others.[7] Quote from The New York Times: "CD to tease the ear. Mr. Bach on vocals, sounding like a cross between Lou Reed and Elton John." [8]

In 1998 he made a compilation album with Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Allen Ginsberg and others ("News Goo"). [9]

In March 1999 Nenad opened the Miss Universe pageant in Europe, and he scored the Mladen Juran film Transatlantic (1998)[10] which was the Croatian entry for Best Foreign Film in the 1999 Academy Awards.

Nenad and his family were living in New York when the 9/11 attack occurred in 2001. He sang in the recordings of “We Are Family” benefit for the September 11th fund as well as scored the film “The Making and the Meaning of We Are Family.”

Nenad is the creator and Editor in Chief of CROWN (Croatian World Network), an internet-based news and information source for Croatians and friends of Croatia throughout the world.[11]

On April 17, 2010 Nenad was a TEDxZagreb [12] speaker and performer [13]

Nenad Bach Recent Discography[edit]

Produced "All I Want Is Freedom" by Nenad Bach Band, NBM Ltd. 2010 [14]

Produced "Klapa Luka" by Klapa Luka, NBM Ltd. 2007 [15]

Produced "Dan Vičere" by Klapa Navalia, NBM Ltd 2007 [16]

Produced "Lipo Ime" by Klapa Sinj, NBM Ltd 2005 [17]

Produced "Klapa Fa Lindjo" by Klapa Fa Lindjo, NBM Ltd 2005 [18]

Re-released enhanced CD album; "A Thousand Years of Peace"/ NBM Ltd 2002 [19]

Recording Contract - performed on charity CD "We Are Family" 2001

Produced CD album "Following the Cross" by St. Stephen's Choir NBM Ltd 2000/ ARCANA 2002 [20]

Produced CD album "Novaljo, Novaljo" by Klapa Navalia NBM Ltd 2000

Produced CD album "Fire on the Sea" by Klapa Fortunal NBM Ltd/SIAM records 1999

Released enhanced CD album; "I Love Losers"/NBM Ltd 1996 [21]

Performance on "News Goo" compilation album with Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Allen Ginsberg and others Mercury/Polygram 1998 [22]

Performance on "Pavarotti and Friends" compilation album with Pavarotti, Bono, The Edge, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton and others Decca/London 1996

Single "Can We Go Higher?" Rockworld/Sony 1993

Single "Can We Go Higher?" Croatia Records 1993

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