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NeoMagic Corporation

Manufacturing, e-Commerce

foundation = 1993
Headquarters San Jose, California
Products Processors, e-Commerce

NeoMagic Corporation OTC Pink: NMGC is a fabless semiconductor company and supplier of low-power audio and video integrated circuits for mobile use (MagicMedia).

In October 2012, NeoMagic entered into the e-Commerce arena with the acquisition of its division. is an e-Commerce platform that will initially target the U.S. Market with a special focus on the fast growing Hispanic and Latino community in the Americas. provides a multivendor platform where users will be able to buy and sell products from one another or buy electronic products directly.

MagicGraph / MagicMedia Products[edit]

Model Chipset
MagicGraph 128 NM2070
MagicGraph 128V NM2090
MagicGraph 128ZV NM2093
MagicGraph 128ZV+ NM2097
MagicGraph 128XD NM2160
MagicMedia 256AV NM2200
MagicMedia 256AV+ NM2230
MagicMedia 256ZX NM2360
MagicMedia 256XL+ NM2380


NeoMagic Corporation was incorporated in California in May 1993 and subsequently reincorporated in Delaware in February 1997.

NeoMagic's first products pioneered the concept of integrating the major component parts of a computer video system (video memory, logic and analog circuitry such as a RAMDAC) into one integrated circuit package. This allowed notebook computer makers to design smaller and more space-efficient circuit boards for their computers. The company referred to this technology as MAGIC, an acronym that stood for Memory And loGIC.

In October 2012, NeoMagic expanded into the e-Commerce arena with the acquisition of