Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color

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Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color
Developer(s) SNK
Publisher(s) SNK
Platform(s) Neo Geo Pocket Color
Release date(s) INT 1999
Mode(s) Single player, Two player
Distribution ROM Cartridge

Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color (ネオジオカップ’98プラス?) is a football videogame released by SNK in 1999 for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour handheld system. It is an update of Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory with, as its title suggests, colour graphics. There are three game modes; single- a single "exhibition" match, 2p play- an option for two players with two Neo Geo Pocket Colour systems, Neo Geo Cup '98 cartridges and a link cable to play against each other, and story mode- a career mode in which players compete in the Neo Geo Cup competition, play friendly matches, play against friends via the link cable and purchase "power-ups" at the Soccer Shop using credits gained in the Neo Geo Cup competition.


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