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NeoTango is a distinct genre of Tango in both music & dance. The music is clearly distinct from the style of tango that preceded it - Tango Nuevo. As a dance form it is currently evolving. It is the 'living' tango dance form of the 21st Century.

The Music[edit]

The most important composer of Tango Nuevo was Ástor Piazzolla who revolutionized tango in the 1950s by introducing new instruments such as the saxophone and electric guitar, and who brought new forms of harmonic and melodic structure into the traditional tango ensemble. Other composers of Tango Nuevo include Osvaldo Pugliese, Ariel Ramirez, and Juan Carlos Caceres.

NeoTango is not Tango Nuevo. It is 21st Century tango composed and/or orchestrated in the 21st Century. Often, it includes the fusion of electronic and acoustic sounds. Some examples of NeoTango music artists are Tanghetto, Bajofondo, Electrocutango, Gotan Project, Tango Jointz, Idealtango, Tro Garufa, TanGothic, Tango Conspiracy, Dure-mère ,Club des Belugas, Tango Crash, Etango, Kantango, TangoFactory, Abstractango, Medialuna Tango Project, Café Deseado, Tango Fusion, IN-Grid, Narcotango and Otros Aires.