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Traded as KRX: 042420
Founded May 28, 1997
Founders Sung-kyun Na, CEO
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea

NEOWIZ HOLDINGS is a Holdings company. Founded in 1997, NEOWIZ introduced ‘OneClick’- the world’s first instant internet access program, and ‘SayClub’ – which became the standard for internet community service. Moreover, developing and monetizing ‘Avatar’ which became basic service for Korean internet companies, NEOWIZ has been continuously pursuing and developing unique and creative business models.

Continues introduction of new services to the world and steady profit creation has led NEOWIZ to a success and in April 2007, NEOWIZ has established a holdings company for independent operation of each business divisions, reinforcement of specialized core competencies and strengthening business competitive power.

As a company leading the internet & IT industry, NEOWIZ HOLDINGS is keeping pace with the changing environment and not only pursues performances from individual subsidiaries but also successful business of all subsidiaries through maximization of management efficiencies which comes from synergies among affiliate companies.

Major Subsidiaries[edit]

  • NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. (CEO K.W. Lee, KRX: 095660)

Online & Mobile game company, providing variety of game services such as FPS, Sports, RPGs through its game portal Pmang (

  • NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp. (CEO Martin Choi, KRX: 104200)

Runs music service business - Sound source distribution(B2B) and music streaming/download services through Korea’s leading music portal ‘Bugs’( NEOWIZ INTERNET also runs a SNS based online community, ‘SayClub’( NEOWIZ INTERNET is expanding its business field into developing and operating mobile applications as well.

Company History[edit]

2014.01 Moved into a new company building ‘NEOWIZ PANGYO TOWER’ situated in Pangyo
2013.03 Changed the corporate name to NEOWIZ HOLDINGS Corporation
2012.12 NEOWIZ INS Corp. and NNA underwent a merger and combined into NEOWIZ INS Corp.
2012.04 NEOWIZ MOBILE Corp. and mobile division of PENTAVISION Corp. underwent a merger and combined into NEOWIZ MOBILE Corp.
2010.05 Made public the new corporate identity of the company
2010.04 NEOWIZ BUGS Corp. and NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp. underwent a merger and combined into NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp.
2010.03 Moved into a new company building ‘NEOWIZ Tower’ situated in Bundang
2009.10 NEOWIZ BUGS Corp. listed on KOSDAQ (IPO)
2009.03 Founded the NEOWIZ FOUNDATION
2008.12 Music Portal Services ‘Bugs’ and ‘Jukeon’ combined into ‘Bugs (’
2007.04 NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. listed on KOSDAQ (IPO)
2007.04 Established NEOWIZ GAMES Corp., NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp., and NEOWIZ INVESTMENT Corp.
2007.02 Created a holding company
2004.08 Opened ‘Jukeon’, a music portal
2003.08 Launched ‘Pmang’, a game portal (
2000.11 Launched ‘Avatar’, the world’s first fee-based online character service of ‘SayClub’
2000.06 Listed on KOSDAQ (IPO)
1999.07 Launched ‘SayClub’ (, the world’s first web-based chatting community
1997.12 Invented ‘Oneclick’, the world’s first instant internet access technology
1997.05 Established NEOWIZ Corporation

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