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Publication information
Publisher Red 5 Comics
Creative team
Writer(s) Paul Ens
Penciller(s) J. Korim
Colorist(s) Jessie Lam

Neozoic is a Red 5 Comics comic book title. It is written by Paul Ens, who worked on Star Wars: Evasive Action.[1] The art is done by J. Korim and Jessie Lam. The setting is in a different universe where dinosaurs did not become extinct and the humans are no longer the dominant species. The protagonist is a female character named Lilli Murko, she is an excellent hand to hand combatant and uses a sword and a dagger. The series has eight issues and they have all been gathered into one 216 page trade paper back as of May 2009. However an eight page comic ("feeding time") was put out on May first 2010 for Red 5's free comic book day comic.

In April 2013 part one of a four part limited series, Neozoic: Trader's Gambit, was published.


  • IGN states "The artwork is fantastic and the world Ens creates is emphatic and fun." [2]


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