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Nepal Police School
NasikaVDC-2, Sanga.
Sanga, Bagmati, Nepal
Type Public
Motto Better Schooling for Ideal Citizens
Established 1984
Founder DB Lama
School district Kavrepalanchowk
Principal Dr. Nabarath Baniya
Faculty Science and Management
Number of students [1377, Girls: 316 and Boys 1061]
Nickname D'Cops
Affiliations SLC and HSEB Board
Information +977-1-661301,+977-1-661302,+977-1-664670

Nepal Police School (formerly Dipendra Police School) is a regional system of police boarding schools in Nepal. NPS also typically refers to the first of the schools established, the Nepal Police Higher Secondary Boarding School. Also called the "Central School", it is located in Nasiksthan Sanga, 15 miles east of Kathmandu.

These schools are paid for by the welfare program of the Nepal Police Organization, and provide education to children of police personnel, but will also allow civilian children to attend (up to 40% of the school population). The school curriculum is presented primarily in English; however there is also an emphasis on developing skills with both written and oral Nepali. The school follows guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and the Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal.

Other branches of the school aside from the central school are:

  1. Nepal Police Boarding High School, Dharan, Sunsari District (Eastern Regional School), officially and more popularly known as Purwa Chhetriya Police Boarding High School. Also called Eastern Regional Police Boarding High School.
  2. Nepal Police Boarding High School, Belchautara, Tanahu District (Western Regional School)
  3. Nepal Police Boarding High School, Gularia, Dang Deokhuri District (Mid-Western Regional School)
  4. Nepal Police Boarding High School, Dhangadi, Kailali District (Far Western Regional School)
  5. Nepal Police School (Secondary), Samakhusi, Kathmandu District
  6. Mid Regional Police Boarding High School, Jigadhiya, Rautahat District (Mid Regional School)

On at least one occasion, members of law enforcement have pressured examination authorities to allow Nepal Police School students to cheat on exams.[1]

The Nepal footballer Bimal Magar attended the Dipendra Police School, he now plays for the Nepal national football team.[2]

The sunsari district S.L.C. examination (2067 B.S.) topper Abhijaya Shrestha was from Purwa Chhetriya Police Boarding High School, Dharan-13, Sunsari

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