Nepalese New Zealander

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Nepalese New Zealander
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Auckland · Hamilton
English · Nepali · Maithili
Hinduism · Buddhism · Kirant Mundhum · Islam · Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Non Resident Nepali

Nepalese New Zealanders are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand whose ethnic origins are fully or partially in the South Asian nation of Nepal.


Hamilton has a small Nepalese community, with some families having gained permanent residence and citizenship, and there are others with student visas. Many Nepalese New Zealanders work in the dairy industry while there are others who are scholars, social workers and professors.[1] Nepali authorities are preparing to allow unemployed Nepalis to go to New Zealand to seek employment.[2] Many Lhotshampas or Bhutanese Nepalis who were expelled from Bhutan have been resettled in New Zealand which offered to settle 600 refugees over five years starting in 2008.[3]


The annual "Nepal Festival", organized by the various Nepali Community Organizations in New Zealand, was first held in Auckland in 2009, showcasing Nepalese culture including activities representing the different ethnicities of Nepal.[4]