Nepalis in Norway

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Nepalis in Norway
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Alta · Rogaland · Trondheim · Vadsø
Norwegian · Dzongkha · Nepali
Hinduism · Buddhism
Related ethnic groups

Nepalis in Norway consists mainly of Lhotshampa (Bhutanese Nepalis) refugees that were expelled from Bhutan as well as migrants from Nepal. Norway has provided settlement for nearly 200 Lhotshampa refugees.[1] 40 of them were resettled in Vadsø and there are more than 30 that were resettled in Alta.[2] Additionally there are also another 54 refugees that were resettled in Trondheim as well as another 60 refugees that were resettled in the Rogaland. There are also a number of students from Nepal studying in Trondheim.


“Dashain Celebration and Cultural Programme 2010”, an event to showcase Nepalese culture took place in a cultural hall in Kopervik in Rogaland and about 170 Lhotshampas and some 80 Norwegian guests attended the celebration.[3] Durga Puja was also performed by the elderly resettled in Rogaland.

The Lhotshampas in Alta also organized a cultural programme and collective teeka ceremony and about 60 individuals were present in the hall to observe the program.

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