Nepen Diakha

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Coordinates: 12°23′35.36″N 12°33′29.63″W / 12.3931556°N 12.5582306°W / 12.3931556; -12.5582306 Nepen Diakha is a locality situated in the Kédougou Region, Senegal. The highest point of the country is located 2770 metres south-east of Nepen Diakha an unnamed ridge that is customarily stated as 581 metres (1,906 feet) above sea level, defining the border with Guinea. Modern maps, however, show this point to be 638 metres above sea level. The village of Nepin Peul is the closest locality to this ridge.

The coordinates of the highest point of Senegal are 12°22′24″N 12°32′37″W / 12.37333°N 12.54361°W / 12.37333; -12.54361.

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