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Virus classification
Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Order: Picornavirales
Family: Secoviridae
Subfamily: Comovirinae
Genus: Nepovirus
Type species
Tobacco ringspot virus

Apricot latent ringspot virus
Arabis mosaic virus
Arracacha virus A
Artichoke Aegean ringspot virus
Artichoke Italian latent virus
Artichoke yellow ringspot virus
Beet ringspot virus
Blackcurrant reversion virus
Blueberry leaf mottle virus
Cassava American latent virus
Cassava green mottle virus
Cherry leaf roll virus
Chicory yellow mottle virus
Cocoa necrosis virus
Crimson clover latent virus
Cycas necrotic stunt virus
Grapevine Anatolian ringspot virus
Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus
Grapevine chrome mosaic virus
Grapevine deformation virus
Grapevine fanleaf virus
Grapevine Tunisian ringspot virus
Hibiscus latent ringspot virus
Lucerne Australian latent virus
Mulberry ringspot virus
Myrobalan latent ringspot virus
Olive latent ringspot virus
Peach rosette mosaic virus
Potato black ringspot virus
Potato virus U
Raspberry ringspot virus
Tobacco ringspot virus
Tomato black ring virus
Tomato ringspot virus

Nepoviruses or nematode transmitted polyhedral viruses, are a genus of plant viruses of the family Secoviridae and subfamily Comovirinae. Nepoviruses, unlike the other two genera (Comovirus and Fabavirus) in the subfamily Comovirinae, are transmitted by nematodes.


Nepoviruses are classified as type IV viruses under the Baltimore classification system, and consequently contain bipartite, linear, single stranded positive sense RNA genomes. The two genome segments are encapsulated separately into two different icosahedral particles. Each of the genome segments produces a different polypeptide, which undergoes a series of steps (i.e. proteolysis, and other post-translational modifications) in order to produce a functional protein.


The first segment (RNA1) is approximately 8,000 nucleotides in length and appears as a single copy in each B type virion. It encodes the proteins that are important in replication and is the first gene to be activated.


The second segment (RNA2) is approximately 4,000–7,000 nucleotides in length and usually appears as a single copy in each M type virion. It encodes the proteins that are important in cell-cell transmission and evasion of cellular defenses.


There are many members of the genus Nepovirus including the species:


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