Nera (Italy)

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For other Nera Rivers, see Nera (disambiguation).
Fiume Nera.jpg
The view of Nera in Castelsantangelo sul Nera
Origin Vallinfante
Mouth Tiber
Basin countries Italy
Length 116 km
Source elevation 1800 m
Avg. discharge 168 m³/s
Basin area 4,280 km²

The Nera is a 116 km long river which flows almost entirely in Umbria, Italy. A tributary to the Tiber, its sources are in the Monti Sibillini, east of Foligno. It flows southward past Terni and Narni. It joins the Tiber near Orte.

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Coordinates: 42°26′N 12°24′E / 42.433°N 12.400°E / 42.433; 12.400