Nereo Cave

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Grotta di Nereo
Nereo Cave
Belvedere della Grotta di Nereo.jpg
The "Belvedere" watching terrace,
south upside entrance
Map showing the location of Grotta di Nereo  Nereo Cave
Map showing the location of Grotta di Nereo  Nereo Cave
Location of the caves in Italy
Location Italy Capo Caccia, Alghero
(SS, Sardinia, Italy)
Coordinates 40°33′39″N 8°09′50″E / 40.56083°N 8.16389°E / 40.56083; 8.16389Coordinates: 40°33′39″N 8°09′50″E / 40.56083°N 8.16389°E / 40.56083; 8.16389
Depth 33 m
Length 4,000 m
Altitude 0 m
Geology Sea cave
Entrances 1
Access Public
Website Grotta di Nereo

The Nereo Cave (Italian: Grotta di Nereo; Catalan: Cova de Nereu) is a huge underwater sea-cave situated on the north-west of Sardinia in the Coral riviera of Alghero, Italy. The name was given by the discovers in honour of the mythological figure Nereus, who is often billed as the Old Man of the Sea, father of the Nereids.[1] The site is under the high limestone cliffs of Capo Caccia, 100 metres north of the famous Neptune's Grotto.


The cave is considered the biggest marine cave in the Mediterranean Sea. With the around 10 entrances, arches and tunnels, it is possible to make dives from 0 to 35 m, through long and large tunnels, air chambers and different ways. The walls are covered with red coral and yellow leptosamnia.[2]

With the other cape of Punta Giglio and the Porto Conte Bay, the cave is part of a Marine reserve set up in 2003. Its flora and fauna are typically Mediterranean including groupers, lobsters, congers and moray eels, and thriving crustacean life.

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