Nergis Mavalvala

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Nergis Mavalvala
Born 1968 (age 46–47)
Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Cambridge, Massachusetts
Nationality Pakistan/United States
Fields Astrophysics
Institutions Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Known for Interferometric gravitational waves, quantum measurement
Notable awards 2013 Joseph F. Keithley Award for Advances in Measurement Science Recipient, MacArthur Fellows

Nergis Mavalvala is a Pakistani-born astrophysicist, and Kathleen Marble Professor of Astrophysics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [1] She was a 2010 MacArthur Fellow.[2]


She received her Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy from Wellesley College in 1990 and her Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 1997.[3]

Her focus of study is on gravitational waves using the results from the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). [4]


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