Nerian Sharif

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Nerian Sharif is a scenic mountain area located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is also a historical landmark for Muslims.


History records it as a remote, uninhabited land which was miraculously transformed into a centre of spiritual and Islamic guidance by a prominent saint of the Naqshbandi chain, Khwaja Pir Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi.

Nerian Sharif was once a jungle, a home for wild animals covered in trees and plants. Despite its stunning beauty, the land was once unknown to many and was not easily reachable due to its location. It so happened that a time came when the spiritual teacher of Khwaja Pir Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi instructed him to leave his business & trade, and spend his years transforming the remote area into a blessed land. Together, Khwaja Ghaznavi & his younger brother, Hazrat Pir Mohammed Durrab Khan, through much prayer and struggle, turned the mountainous and strange region into a flourishing centre of religious learning and prosperity.

Due to the message of true Islamic values being spread by Khwaja Ghaznavi & his brother, people from far and wide began to travel to the area to gain understanding of their efforts. Many witnessed that the teaching of Islam was not only done through their words, but also through their examples. This eventually resulted in Nerian Sharif becoming a place for many to seek spiritual & mental satisfaction, and today thousands upon thousands visit the area daily for this same purpose.

Darbar Aalia Nerian Sharif[edit]

The holy tombs of Khwaja Ghaznavi and his younger brother are located in Nerian Sharif. The tombs are visited daily and are constantly surrounded by much recitation of the Holy Qur'an & remembrance of Allah by both visitors and locals.

Now referred to as Darbar Aalia Nerian Sharif, the area is recognised as a sacred land and renowned for its hospitality of guests. The Langar Khaana (public kitchen) is open to all, and the Mosque/Masjid itself often hosts many events for Islamic education and similar purposes.

It is also the location of Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University.

The successor & guardian of this religious land is the son of Khwaja Ghaznavi, who is also an important scholar in Islam today, Pir Shaykh Allau-ud-din Siddiqui, who is Chancellor of Mohi-ud-din Islamic University in Pakistan, founder of Mohi-ud-din Medical College, Pakistan, and also the Chairman of Al-Ehya Trust, which is engaged in accommodating and educating, orphaned and deprived children in Pakistan. As the Chairman of Noor TV and the founder of Mohiuddin Trust, he has set up many projects in aid of the poor and needy.

He is running various projects in Pakistan as well in UK. Further information can also be obtained from their website