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Néstor Chamorro Pesantes (born July 15, 1936) was a Christian reverend/evangelist. He graduated from Luther Rice University, Jacksonville, Florida. In 1962, he founded the Christian organization called Centro Internacional de Teoterapia Integral (CENTI) in Cali, Colombia. He and his wife (Dra. Lolita Cruz de Chamorro) started a new life as missionaries. Today the organization has a presence in more than 50 countries.

As a speaker, he traveled in many countries preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in three interpretations: Theotherapeutical, Social, and Doctrinal. He is the author of many books including "La Teoterapia y la Unción", "Las fiestas solemnes", and others.

Early life[edit]

Néstor Mario Chamorro Pesantes was born in Quito, Ecuador in July 15 of 1936 and died in Bogota (Colombia) in April 4, 2003. He was the oldest son of a young couple. His father was José María Ochoa and his mother, Mercedes Chamorro. He grew up under his maternal parent's care, who gave him the legal paternity. After achieving a degree in Biology, he moved to Cali, Colombia where he started to work as a professor in different institutions including Universidad del Valle.

Marriage and Children[edit]

Nestor Chamorro married Dolores Cruz on May 24, 1959 in Jamundi (Colombia). Dolores Cruz de Chamorro was born in a small town called Ancuya located in the south of Colombia. She is a Psychologist with a Master degree in Ministry from the Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville (Florida).

They had five children: Betty Chamorro, Patricia Chamorro, Jimmy Chamorro, Adriana Chamorro and Juan Pablo Chamorro; all of them involved in the ministry founded by His parents that has Jimmy Chamorro as its worldwide director. Sussy Orozco is the real mother of Juan Pablo Chamorro.

His ministry[edit]

In 1959 Nestor Chamorro Pesantes, professor of Biochemistry in the University of Valle had a true encounter with Jesus Christ. His life was so radically changed that his desire in the following 4 years was to dedicate his life and her wife’s to know more about Him and about how to communicate that experience to his colleagues and students in the university which he worked for.

In the first months of 1963 Nestor Chamorro, traveled to Mexico to know more about the means and strategies to share the message of Jesus Christ, when he went back to Colombia, he started to do it through the booklet “FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS” the same as “FOUR KEYS OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE”.

The same year Nestor Chamorro was trained in Chula Vsta, Mexico by Campus Crusade for Christ international and sent back to Colombia to start the campus ministry with the same vision and mission of Campus Crusade for Christ International under the authority of its founder and president Dr. William Bright.

Nestor and his wife established the foundations of CCC ministry: the prayer life, the dedication to the Holy Scriptures and the Evangelization. The results were lots of students, professionals and families, expressed the desire of having a more personal faith in Jesus Christ. In that way, at the end of 1963 they counted with more than 100 students involved in the ministry.

At the end of 1979 the CCC Colombia had established its ministry in many Colombian universities being The National University and the University of Valle del Cauca the most important targets of its ministry.

In 1980 Nestor Chamorro separated the Colombian ministry from Campus Crusade for Christ International and continued using the name Cruzada Estudiantil y Profesional de Colombia. More than 200 full-time staff left with Chamorro the International Ministry of CCC.

Up until that time all the written materials and strategy was received from CCC.

Many names have been used since 1980 like ALFA Y OMEGA, AOISA, CENTI, C4, Teoterapia Integral, CENFOL and many other names in each country where thet work.


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  • La vida en célula,1 aporte para la paz.
  • El Pacto
  • Las Fiestas Solemnes del Señor
  • La Teoterapia y el Estrés (Published posthumously)
  • Una Identidad con Sentido (Published posthumously)