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Type Joint Venture
Industry Telecommunications
Founded April 2009
Area served Sweden
Key people Joachim Horn (Chairman),
Andreas Boo (CEO),
Sofie Ljungberg (CFO),
Andres Suazo (CTO)
Owners Tele2, Telenor

Net4Mobility is a joint venture between Telenor Sweden and Tele2 Sweden. The company’s main goal is to build, own and operate a state of the art LTE (4G) Network and Transmission Network in Sweden. The new mobile network will cover 99 percent of the Swedish population and enable Telenor Sweden and Tele2 Sweden to offer data (LTE) and voice (GSM) services to their customers. Net4Mobility was founded April 2009 and currently operates in the 800, 900 and 2600 MHz bands. 1800 MHz will become technology neutral (having been GSM only) after year-end 2012 and would thus be viable for building LTE on. Notably, certain Apple products support LTE on 1800 MHz and rolling out LTE on that band could greatly enhance the user experience for Apple users while off-loading the rest of the network for users with other devices.

In the PTS auction for frequency blocks in the 2600 MHz band, Tele2 and Telenor each won a 20 MHz block resulting in a total available spectrum of 40 MHz for the joint venture. Currently, only the first 20 MHz band (the one awarded to Tele2) is in use across the entire network but the second band can be activated once usage increases. With LTE-Advanced, multiple bands can be used and the total of 2x20MHz would yield speeds up to a theoretical max of 300Mbit/s. 290Mbit/s have been proven in lab environments.

While the radio network and certain parts of the access network is shared, the mobile core as well as the majority of the transmission network is not shared but operated individually by Tele2 and Telenor respectively.

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