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NetBeans BlueJ Edition is an integrated development environment (IDE) meant to transition students from the introductory IDE BlueJ to the more professional IDE NetBeans. This is accomplished via a plugin for NetBeans which incorporates various features of BlueJ such as the ProjectView and ObjectBar into the more complex NetBeans. However this project is now unmaintained and the latest version of NetBeans supported by the plugin is version 6.5.

NetBeans BlueJ Edition versus BlueJ[edit]

  BlueJ NetBeans BlueJ Edition
Object Bench Integral to BlueJ None
Interactivity with adhoc classes Inherent in object bench None
Compiling programs Uses selected version of Javac Uses selected version of Javac, but with parameter to use Java 1.4 if using a BlueJ project

(this is fixed by editing the project's .properties file)

main method or Main class Has no effect on program (other than creating JAR files) Required to run a program
BlueJ view Main window. Allows movement of classes, etc. Shows most class relationships. An optional view, only uses images for a simplified list. No movement, no relationships displayed.
Debugging Has debugging console. Is buggy and cumbersome for large projects. Has all traditional debugging views.

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