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Developer(s) TETCOS
Stable release 7.1 / January 2, 2014 (2014-01-02)
Written in C, Java
Operating system Windows
Type Simulation
License Proprietary
Website NETSIM product page

NetSim is a popular network simulation tool used for network lab experimentation and research. Various technologies such as Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless LAN, Wi Max, TCP, IP, etc. are covered in NetSim.


NetSim is a stochastic discrete event simulator developed by Tetcos, in association with Indian Institute of Science,[1] with the first release in June 2002. Recently, NetSim has also been featured with Computer Networks and Internets V edition by Dr. Douglas Comer, published by Prentice Hall.[2]

Model Libraries in NetSim[edit]

Modeling and simulation are supported for the below mentioned technologies. Protocol libraries are available with C source code

Performance Metrics[edit]

NetSim provides network performance metrics at various abstraction level such as Network, sub-network, Node and a detailed packet trace.[5]

Custom Code Development[edit]

NetSim comes with an in-built development environment, which serves as the interface between User’s code and NetSim’s protocol libraries and simulation kernel. Protocol libraries are available as open C code for user modification. De-bugging custom code during simulation is an advanced feature: i.e. a simulation can be started and then at user determined breakpoints in the code, users can perform single-step, step-in, step over etc. This can be carried out at various levels (depending on where the user code links) including at a per-packet interval.[6]

Modeling and Simulation Services[edit]

Using NetSim modeling & simulation services are provided in a variety of networking technologies and protocols including MANET, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, IP, MPLS, WSN, QoS, VoIP etc. This can help avoid the time consuming process of programming, customization and configuration commercial simulators to meet customer specific needs


Over 250 universities worldwide are using NetSim, including IIT Kharagpur, BITS Pilani, NIT Surat, NIT Rourkela, Anna University, Aleppo University, Dar Al Hekma, INTI, Barry University, Szczecin University, and others.[7] Several defense agencies and DRDO labs use NetSim for modeling the unique requirements of defense R & D crucial to Network-centric warfare.

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