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Netball Australia
Netball Australia.svg
Founded 1927
Region Asian Federation of Netball Associations
President Noeleen Dix
CEO Kate Palmer
Official website

Netball Australia is the peak governing body for the sport of netball in Australia. The organisation's stated objectives for Australian netball are to achieve national and international success in competition, encourage greater participation and spectator involvement, and ensure excellence in all spheres of the sport.

The precursor to Netball Australia was the All Australia Women's Basket Ball Association, founded in 1927 on the back of efforts to establish a national tournament. This body was formed by netball groups from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, with Tasmania joining shortly after and the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory joining in 1975 and 1977 respectively.

In 1970, the organisation changed its name to the All Australia Netball Association, and in 1986 it became a public company upon incorporation. Its name was changed, finally, to Netball Australia in 1993.

Netball Australia is federal in structure, with affiliated associations in all Australian States and mainland Territories. It is changed its constitution in 2006 and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the State and Territory Affiliated Associations. Aside from promoting the sport of netball, Netball Australia is responsible for determining rules and policies within Australia, and organising competition on behalf of the country.

Kate Palmer was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Netball Australia in October 2006. Noeleen Dix is the current President of the Netball Australia Board.[1]

The senior Australian netball team is known as the Diamonds, while the Australian Fast 5 netball team is known as the Fast5 Flyers.[2]

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