Nethergate Brewery

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Nethergate Brewery
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1986
Headquarters Sudbury, Essex
Products Beer
Owners Independent

Nethergate Brewery was established in 1986 in Clare, Suffolk, England by former Head Brewer Ian Hornsey and his business partner Dick Burge. In 2005 the brewery site was moved across the county border to Pentlow in Essex. In 2010 the brewery was sold to anonymous buyers.

Brewing History[edit]

The brewery originally concentrated on cask ale and the for a while only brewed the Best Bitter, based on traditional recipes for the Yorkshire bitter style. Over the next four years this beer was joined by two other brews; firstly the Old Growler Porter, and then the IPA (in this case, IPA is also claimed to stand for "Ian's Personal Ale", in honour of the Head Brewer). Nethergate's interest in traditional ingredients also saw the creation of two of their most distinctive beers - Umbel Ale, and the stronger Umbel Magna - through the use of a traditional ingredient which had been ignored by brewers for many years: coriander. Nethergate has since ventured in the bottled beer market, with Old Growler and Umbel ale being especially prevalent in the more specialist off licences and Tesco stores in the south east.

On 18th March 2014 the brewery went into administration and had has stopped trading. Its flagship pub the Hare and Hound closed earlier in High Garrett, near Braintree.

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