Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 1956

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Eurovision Song Contest 1956
Country  Netherlands
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 24 April 1956
Selected entrant Jetty Paerl and
Corry Brokken
Selected song "De vogels van Holland" and
"Voorgoed voorbij"
Finals performance
Final result N/A
Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest
1956 1957►

The Netherlands held a national final to select the two entrants that Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), the Dutch broadcaster, would send to the inaugural Eurovision Song Contest in Lugano, Switzerland. The final was held on 24 April 1956.


Draw Artist Song English Translation Place Points
1 Corry Brokken "Ik zei : ja" I said: yes 5th 478
2 Jetty Paerl "De vogels van Holland" The birds of Holland 2nd 1530
3 Bert Visser "Gina mia" My Gina 7th 116
4 Jetty Paerl "De telefoon" The telephone 6th 438
5 Corry Brokken "Voorgoed voorbij" Over forever 1st 1854
6 Bert Visser "Meisje" Girl 8th 34
7 Corry Brokken "'t Is lente" It's spring 3rd 1210
8 Jetty Paerl "Mei in Parijs" May in Paris 4th 1034

"De vogels van Holland" ("The birds of Holland") by Jetty Paerl and "Voorgoed voorbij" ("Over forever") by Corry Brokken were chosen as the two Dutch entries. The votes of the first contest were never announced, so it is not known what place the songs finished at the actual Eurovision Song Contest.

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